London, England offers proposal to triple the budget for invasive plant removal.   Note well: The black cherry tree, one of the best trees for Kentucky, is invasive in Europe. It’s a good plant or a bad plant. It just depends on the continent.  We need to not only curb our […]

City proposes to triple invasive species removal budget 

These are juniper berries on an eastern red cedar tree.  The cedar waxwing (a songbird) loves to eat juniper berries.  And the cedar loves for birds to eat its berries because they are more likely to germinate after passing through the bird’s digestive tract (some distance from the parent tree). […]

Eastern red cedar and the critters that love it 

Many people consider their lawns to be the crown jewels of their homes. And the royal connotation isn’t too far off the mark — lawns first appeared around castles in England and France. Trees were cut down so the soldiers protecting the palaces could better view their surroundings. Lawns today […]

It’s lush, it’s green, and it’s killing the earth

A friend of mine asked me the following: If there was one thing you could accomplish (no holds or impediments), what might that be? My one goal would be measurable increases in awareness and action related to native plants.  Why? Because native plants can help halt and reverse the global […]

Native plant enthusiasts: How do we measure success?

What are the greatest marketing opportunities for businesses and nonprofits that want to save bees and butterflies? To leverage the visual appeal and drama inherent in nature.  Every animal has a story to tell. Every plant has a story to tell. Every garden, landscape and forest has a story to […]

Your greatest opportunity

Larval host plants are very important. Oaks, for example, rank number one because they are host to 346 different species of butterflies and moths. This list applies to Jefferson County, Kentucky. Oaks, 346 Plum & cherry, 290 Willow, 239 Birch, 223 Maple & box elder, 205 Hickory, pecan, pignut, bitternut […]

Butterfly host plants, ranked by performance